Additional Banking Benefits

Visa Debit Cards

Visa debit cards act like an ATM card for immediate withdrawals of cash or as a check when buying an item. Purchases can be made using a chip-enabled terminal or by swiping the card rather than filling out a paper check.

Contact your branch for more information.

Cashier's Checks

Cashier’s checks are still among one of the safest ways to receive payment. All our locations offer cashier’s checks for a nominal fee:

Customer $5
Non-customer $10

Contact your branch for more information.

Night Depository

For your convenience, we have night depositories located at every branch. If you can’t make it to us during business hours just place your deposit in our night depository.

*Deposits made after 8 a.m. or on the weekends are credited to your account on the next business day.

Safe Deposit Boxes

We have safe deposit boxes at our Main Office, Bridge, McGregor, Winkler and Gateway locations in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. If you have a Hometown or Platinum Checking Account we offer a 50% discount on annual rental fees.

Direct Deposit

In today’s world time is our most precious commodity. Direct deposit puts your paycheck directly into your account or pay bills electronically without a trip to the bank.

Contact your branch for more information.

Wire Transfers

When you need to get funds someplace fast, wire transfers are the easiest and most secure way. We can wire funds for you in any amount to any bank around the world. For our business customers, we offer our Wire Manager program giving you the ability to input wire transfers directly into our secure system from your personal computer.

Contact your branch for more information.

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